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Perfect living places with duplex, single floor houses, prefabricated structures, containers, modular cabin.

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About Us

Our founder established this firm in 2005 and has brought the firm to the recent times with the aim of always advancing via combining the new technology with his experience about the sector in which he started to work in 1992. With our expert assemble teams; we make your dreams real via combining technology and experience. Prefabricated buildings, steel houses, villas, mansions, wine estates, lodgments, schools, social facilities, offices, worksites and steel hangars are produced.

All of our products are served at the quality standards. As well as our deliveries all around Turkey, we are happy to be a part of the worksite and prefabricated building project outside the country. Always having the customer satisfaction as a priority, our firm provides a solution to any need in a faster and cheaper way. Visit our office to make your project real…

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Our Products

Duplex, single floor houses, prefabricated structures, containers, modular cabins are produced according to the special need and they can be used under any condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to questions you are wondering about prefabricated houses, businesses and constructions

Prefabricated building materials (wall panels, steel combination elements, ceiling coverings, ceiling insulation and roofing materials), exterior steel door, interior cored American door, balcony doors, PVC glazed door, the installation of windows, transom windows and glasses, interior and exterior paiting of the building, the electricity and water installations in the building, the supply of electricity and water fittings are included.
The customers covers the ground concrete, any excavations and landscaping, the gound and wall coverings (cement finish, ceramic, carpet, tiles etc.), the prefabricated building’s otuer connection (electricity, drain, fresh water), all the permits and licenses obtained from the municipality, heating and cooling systems (radiator, air conditioner etc.), all accomadation and meal fees of the montage team at the deliveries outside Istanbul, the transportation of the product and its transportation insurance.
We provide services anywhere in Turkey. For the purchases from outside of Istanbul, the buyer needs to cover the accomodation and meal fees. (Rough montage team consists of 5 and paint montage team consists of 2).
The license is under the initiative of the Municipality, where the building will be established. The architectural plan, the electricity plan, the mechanic plan and the ground survey belong to the customer and they are necessary to obtain the license. The license and all other legal permissions are under the responsibility of the customer.
The thickness of exterior walls we use for prefabricated buildings is 10 cm. Styrofoam with 16 density and fiberglass used for the roof insulation provide better heat and acoustic insulation than many normal reinforced concrete buildings.
The main material used in our prefabricated buildings is Betopan. The producer is Ankara TEPE group and they give the guarantee of their products for 50 years against the external weather conditions. The load bearing system and all the metal components in a relation with the exterior surface are made of galvanized material and their rusting is delayed. The average life span of a prefabricated building is 30 to 40 years.
Yet it can. Only dissamble and reassemble price and repainting price belong to the customer. Alterations can be made upon request.
The transportation of the prefabricated buildings can be made via trucks, rigs, trains or cargo plains. A truck with a 7m wooden haulage can carry a 90m2 prefabricated building’s materials on average. The average total weight changes between 7-9 tones.
As it happens in the reinforced concrete buildings, you can easily paint you prefabricated building.
Prefabricated buildings have an insulation system that makes them usable during 4 seasons. A building for any weather condition can be produced. The production should be made via considering the weather conditions of the place the building will be constructed.
Upon the date of the contract, 50% of the contract price is paid in cash and the other 50% are collected as checks in 2 equal installments with 30 day and 60 day settlement date or there is a 9 month installment option for the credit cards with Bonus features. For longer settlement dates, you can use the prefabricated building loan offered by Turkiye Finans Bankası and Albaraka Bank specially for the prefabricated buildings.
It should not be forgotten that the prefabricated buildings came into existance as earthquake buildings. Since they are ligther than a reinforced cement building and the demonted parts are assembled with steel screws, they are flexible during an eartquake, but they do not fall apart.

What have we done?

We have many spectecular projects with our information and experience based on years.