About Us

Perfect living places with duplex, single floor houses, prefabricated structures, containers, modular cabin.

Yalı Prefabrik Ev

Our founder established this firm in 2005 and has brought the firm to the recent times with the aim of always advancing via combining the new technology with his experience about the sector in which he started to work in 1992. With our expert assemble teams; we make your dreams real via combining technology and experience. Prefabricated buildings, steel houses, villas, mansions, wine estates, lodgments, schools, social facilities, offices, worksites and steel hangars are produced.

All of our products are served at the quality standards. As well as our deliveries all around Turkey, we are happy to be a part of the worksite and prefabricated building project outside the country. Always having the customer satisfaction as a priority, our firm provides a solution to any need in a faster and cheaper way. Visit our office to make your project real…